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by Arturo Mancheno
     Something most people do not know about me is that at a very young age I was a very bright kid and was asked to skip a grade.  I did not do it because when the principal asked me if I was sure I wanted to skip a grade she emphasized negatively that I may miss my current friends in school.  Well she made it sound like something bad even though I really did not even consider or care about friends at the time.  I remember my mom was there in the office but she did not speak English well at the time so did not know to push for me to skip the grade.  So… I ended up saying, “no” to skipping a grade, and that was that.In Jr. High I was put into prep classes but always late, like the second quarter once the counselor would see my grades from first quarter.  Try learning pre-algebra going into it second quarter in the 7th grade and you see lettered equations on the board with no reference.   I had no advantages of having parents that had the resources to teach me.  I gave up on grades and started chasing skirt.  I don’t regret it.

     At still a reasonably young age, early 20’s, after acquiring some fundamental knowledge of the basic sciences like physics (some quantum), anatomy, physiology, neurology, etc…  I decided to begin a journey to try to connect with the greatest energy source available to us.  Similar to what say Buddha, Jesus, Aristotle, or Einsteins path might have been like.   I thought if I were to strive to be like someone it would be like them, the greatest minds ever.  Truth seekers.  Some people refer to this energy they tapped into as “God”, I see it as a specific energy frequency that is pure and great in nature.   More importantly I believed this energy to be directly accessible to all, especially under the right circumstances.

I knew this other energy spectrum existed when I realized that the greatest minds known to man must have had access to a higher knowledge that others in their time did not.  Examples include Greek philosophers ( Leucippus and Democritus naming the atom (means indivisible in Greek) at a time when no electron microscopes existed – albeit it is now known to be divisible, just the fact that the very concept of understanding a fundamental knowledge of the make up of the matter in the universe in their time, Einstein, Tesla, etc…  A higher knowledge and understanding that is gained through more than just sheer natural intelligence that is accessible to all if they know how to access it.

Turns out this higher knowledge is all in the form of “frequencies” and your mind works like an antennae you just have to learn how to prime your mind to access this knowledge.   More on that later.

When I asked myself how I would go about accessing this knowledge I took my past experiences and devised a plan that ended up working for me.   I knew the first thing I needed to do was focusand I knew the times I was most focused occurred after long periods of extreme physical exertion. To put things in perspective I had previously “mastered” exhibiting amazing physical strength at a young age before later experiencing and living these impossible to explain supernatural physical, spiritual, and meditative/activating experiences.  I used to train (weights, cycling, and martial arts) up to five hours a day at the age of 13.  I excelled, later as a senior in HS I won 1st place in the heavy weight division in weight lifting… the same year the football team was #1 for all NorCal division championships in their league.  The point is, I was up against some strong people.   I also had physical prowess in varied martial arts, self taught mainly.  To date I have beat every black belt I have sparred in whatever style they told me they practiced.   Like that.  Today, I choose to just dance as my preferred state of physical exertion.  So anyway I was not new to successfully pushing myself physically in the direction I wanted to go and knew how to prime my mind to win in doing so.

This new journey into accessing a higher energy involved manifesting what should not be possible. I was beyond successful in this endeavor and decided to do something impossible, to become younger with my newly found power.  I decided to do that not because I was old (I was 21-22), but because it was something that while impossible to believe, I thought it was still possible to do with the unique power I felt coursing through me.  3 days into this new found practice and I knew it was working, not only because I felt it but because someone actually came up to me and told me, “Art you are getting younger every single day.”  That was just 3 days into this new practice and he (no one else aside from me) had no idea whatsoever that I was trying to manifest becoming younger.  I turned to him and simply said, “I know.”  Then I went on to see what else I could manifest.   You see, I am an expert information seeker if I am anything.  My mind never stops wanting to learn.

So the following 7 months I worked out 3 hours a day consistently and focused on what I wanted to create, those 7 months were beyond amazing.  Then I stopped for a very long time…  now I just resonate mostly and think to myself, why don’t I practice on that level anymore?   Respect for the power is one reason, I also felt like it was “cheating” and the world became sort of a playground.  I am sharing this with you now because I am going to start focusing on teaching how to push yourself to places you never thought could be possible before regardless of genetics or background.  It is time for a new consciousness elevation.  After having previously mastered the body in various ways, I found a method I think almost anyone can practice that involves using the body to prep/focus the mind to attract higher vibrational energy into you so you channel it.  Part of it I discovered later could be attributed to this…  “neurogenesis” but this is only the tip of the iceberg of how it works.


It is a page I run in my spare time.  To put it simply I have learned how to access “secret” knowledge that even Tesla desired as stated in the above quote.  I learned how to use the body as a generator/alternator to prime the mind to the max then hone in on specific frequencies that are available once at a super elevated and focused state.  It is way more detailed and takes a lot of work to take yourself “there” but those are the basics.

The brain and body are also transmitters, your state of being can affect those around you, more powerfully if primed and focused on the right frequencies.   Lot’s more to come explaining the working theories and intricacies on how this works.  There is no doubt it works, I always have witnesses.  The question is how…  over the years I have amassed some very good theories.